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Pledge to Safety

Krause Brother’s is devoted to attaining a safety environment with no injuries or citation safety issues. These industry standards are interwoven within our safety processes and practices based on our commitment to provide safety for our employees and our customers.

Our safety team is committed to reviewing our safety issues, auditing our safety measures, and providing feedback on a monthly basis so that we can continue to improve a better working culture.

Krause Brother’s employees are recognized and awarded for their safety records and we support the achievements that each one of our employees provides in maintaining a safe culture.

Pledge to our Customers

Years of constant service to the Tri-State construction commerce is a demonstration to the permanence of Krause Brother’s Construction. We have grown with the Tri-State area and commit entirely a huge part of our success to our customers. Our success begins with the satisfaction of our customers.

Our superior personnel have outstanding technological skills, comprehension, and years of experience to provide our customers satisfaction. We will offer support in choosing products to ensure design specifications, estimating competent product measures and organize delivery to meet the customer’s project scope.

Pledge to the Environment

It’s our way of life; we foster a collaborative culture and improved excellence in each division of our company. Superiority is a key component to environmental issues at Krause Brother’s Construction. We support regulations at the appropriate level of government to ensure environmental concerns of our customers and our employees and our always open for improved suggestions to exceed those regulations and become a better-quality company.

Krause Brother’s Construction basis for ecological advancement and our tactical focus on the environmental measures has created a Workforce Safety Initiative Group to oversee improved success in this area. We understand that our aptitude to provide products and services to our customers tomorrow depends on how we uphold our busines

The "Unique" Approach

  • Integrity
    • Our unwavering business practices are the most vital aspect to our company and our customers
  • Community and Environment
    • We endeavor to assist and develop the neighborhood where we employ and reside.
  • Safety and Compliance
    • It is our focus to ensure that we our in compliance with all safety and environmental issues.
  • Customer commitment and satisfaction
    • We show importance, passion and commitment in the high quality products and services putting our customer’s needs at the top.

Our Goals

  • Efficiency
  • Employee Retention
  • Product enhancement
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Company Awareness